Revolutionary War Days (June 2 – July 4) at Monmouth Battlefield


Molly Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth

While we’re on the subject of re-enacting, from June 2, 2013 to July 4, 2013, the good folks at Monmouth Battlefield State Park in New Jersey and the Friends of Monmouth Battlefield are organizing a series of pretty cool events.  The biggest event, of course, is the annual re-enactment of the battle (Monmouth, by the way, was the one with Molly Pitcher, for those of you who were sleeping through most of Civics or Social Studies in high school).  😉

It is the 235 Anniversary of the battle (click for event details) and so there are going to be hundreds 9potentially a good 1000) re-enactors participating in the event.  If you have never seen a large-scale re-enactment, you don’t know what you’re missing.  It’s pretty incredible.

For those curious, here is a video of a small segment of the battle reenactment in 2010:

Keep in mind, this is maybe 100 re-enactors… multiply that by ten, add cannon, add artillery, get the picture?  It’s pretty awesome.  As someone who has been in large-scale re-enactments, yes, they’re fun to participate in as well.


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