Revolutionary War Re-Enactment in New Jersey: June 1, 2013

According to the press release:

A New Jersey unit loyal to the British Army will clash this Saturday with soldiers from the Continental Army as part of a day-long Revolutionary War re-enactment in Haddonfield, Camden County, coordinated by the New Jersey State Park Service and its partners.

The skirmish will be part of a commemoration of the 235th anniversary of the British occupation at Haddonfield, featuring re-enactors dressed in period uniforms and using period weapons.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in the Revolutionary War or families who want to hear the rattle of musket fire and feel what it was like to live during this important chapter in American history,” said State Park Service Director Mark Texel. “Located strategically between New York and Philadelphia, New Jersey was at the crossroads of the Revolution and experienced many battles both large and small.”

via Haddonfield to be site of day-long Revolutionary War re-enactment |

This looks to be a lot of fun!  Reenactments are always pretty cool to watch (and fun to participate in as well).  If you can make it, you should go and support our history.


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