The Sigal Museum in Downtown Easton, Pennsylvania

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The Sigal Museum has been in downtown Easton for a few years now; it is the current home of the Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society and a treasure-trove of amazing artifacts from the native Delaware to the founding (the treaty of Easton, pictured below, is there), the Revolutionary War and Civil War, the industrial age and more. It’s a beautifully designed building and it has all the amenities (including a large library for research). But it was not until a few months ago that I first visited the new museum and walked its halls and fawned over the exhibits.

After all, when one thinks of ‘Northampton County’, they generally don’t think ‘museum’–usually it’s ‘Iron Pigs’ or Farmers Market or even its night life (for a small city). But maybe we should start to reevaluate how we view the county and particularly the Lehigh Valley. After all, there have been tons of renovation projects throughout the area as a way to revitalize and invigorate tourism and demonstrate our (very) rich history.

Easton is swiftly becoming a new hot-spot for dining spots in Northampton with great restaurants like Valencas (fantastic Portuguese cuisine–and try their crab cakes) and Setta Luna (fine Italian); but with this great food, some are looking for other interesting things to do (especially with older children who may not always be impressed by the Crayola Factory–though they should be, because I still am!). This is where the Sigal Museum really shines, in this author’s personal opinion.

The Civil War exhibit featuring Northampton County.

Nestled up to old buildings on Northampton Street, Sigal Museum stands out as a definably original and contemporary-looking exterior; sterile, vibrant, and that is how museums should look (especially if their housing the relics of our past). When we first entered the museum, we were greeted by a person in the lobby (which seconds as a gift shop with some fun items and really great resources). The admission fee isn’t really much at all and with rooms dedicated to traveling exhibits (we saw the George Washington exhibit–pretty awesome!) the views are changing constantly.

I won’t give away some of the prize sections, because I do believe that every Eastonian and Northampton County resident in general should experience them for themselves. With lots to see and enjoy, consider making Sigal Museum a stop on your next visit to downtown Easton.


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