My Recently Published Article: Threatened King George Inn Has Many Stories to Tell


Here is a link and a snippet from my recent article in the Express Times:

When I was just a boy, I would ride with my grandfather through Downtown Easton into Phillipsburg to head to the store he owned in Pohatcong Township, known then as Ebner’s Shop-A-Rama. Every time we stopped at a light, he would look at me and point to a random building and weave a story about what used to be there and how it had impacted his life. I always enjoyed his stories.

Even as a kid I appreciated the rich narrative and felt a twinge of sadness that what had been there in the 1920s and 1930s had vanished, replaced by a bank or a shopping center or a parking lot. I couldn’t help but wonder: Why had all of those amazing landmarks disappeared?As I’ve grown, I have never lost that love of the past — but now I feel like I am old enough to make some impact, instill some sense of change.

A few weeks back, I came across a headline about the upcoming demolition of the historic King George Inn in South Whitehall Township. I had hoped that a potential buyer would revitalize the property — take a step to secure it for posterity. This has not been the case and it frustrates me.

via GUEST COLUMN: Threatened King George Inn has many stories to tell |

Do read on.  Then please go sign the petition to save this historic landmark!

Sign the Petition!

Update: The Morning Call also ran my article; you can read it here: Speak up for local history and the King George Inn


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