Honor Revolutionary Soldiers by Understanding the History

I have published quite a few articles recently in various local newspapers but this is one of which I am very proud.  Here is a snippet:

In 2009, 1,001 Americans were surveyed by the American Revolution Center. Almost all (90 percent) believed that this history matters. And most seem confident enough that they understand American history. But do they?

Before taking the survey, they were asked to estimate how they thought they would do; 89 percent gave themselves a C or better. How well did they actually do?

All in all, 83 percent failed the survey, with an average grade of 44. While the whole report is embarrassing, most disturbing is that Americans have a general ignorance about chronology. Half of all the respondents didn’t know that the American Revolution predated the Civil War, the War of 1812 and the Emancipation Proclamation.

More recent online survey results by the center are still deplorable. For example, one question — “Which of the following conflicts most directly led to the Stamp Act” — was answered by 11 percent with “The War of 1812” instead of the correct answer, “The French and Indian War.” A whopping 20 percent thought the consequence of the Boston Tea Party had been the successful repealing of the tax on tea.

Please read the whole post here at The Morning Call!


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