Brandywine Reenactment This Weekend – May 17-18


Image from their website.

So if you’ve been under a rock or generally busy and haven’t heard, this weekend on the actual battlefield near Brandywine, Pennsylvania, hundreds of Revolutionary War reenactors are gathering to reenact the battle!

Now the scale of this event is actually pretty awesome for a Rev War event; while the actual battle had something between 20-30,000 troops, this reenactment has only 500.  But given the size, it will mean that it will be extremely easy to follow and awesomely entertaining!

On top of that, 15 sutlers are going to be there.  So if you’ve ever thought about reenacting, here is a good place to start!

So go to their website and check out the schedule:

Oh, did I mention that admission and parking are FREE?!

Also money raised from sponsors goes towards battlefield preservation and the Wounded Warrior Project!  So try to attend!  Great for kids young (and old)!



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