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So here’s something new; I’ve created a Facebook page dedicated entirely to the Pennsylvania Militia between 1755-1783.  The purpose of the page is to provide educational links and articles specifically related to the militia in Pennsylvania.  Since so little has been written on it, and so many people have questions about it, I’ve worked to provide a place for specific information can be provided and questions can be asked.

From the pages’ description:

This page is to provide interested people with information about the Pennsylvania Militia, mainly from the Colonial to the Founding Period.

The Pennsylvania Militia, a distinct organization from the Pennsylvania Line, the Associators (or Military Association started by Benjamin Franklin), and the Pennsylvania Flying Camp Battalions in 1776, functioned as a line of home defense against the French and their American Indian allies in 1755-1756 (and later in 1760-1765) and the British and their allies from 1774-1783. Following the Revolution, the militia played a minor role in organizing against the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794, under command of President George Washington. In the War of 1812, the Pennsylvania Militia did organize again for home defense.

During the Revolutionary Period, the militia transitioned through several organizations–from an ‘open’ militia (prior to 1777) where one could come and go as he pleased to a more strict form (in 1777 throughout the rest of the war) where men between the ages 16 and 53 were required to serve or supplement a substitute. 

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