Reenactments and Fun Events this Weekend!

So are you geared up for a Revolutionary weekend? Let’s go over the awesome events that you won’t want to miss.

Battle of Wyoming Reenactment (Saturday and Sunday)

First up, on Saturday and Sunday, is the Battle of Wyoming reenactment (click the link to go to the event website). This is looking to be the largest Rev War reenactment of the year with dozens of units—including lots of artillery, Hessians, jaegers, Native Americans, rangers, Continental Line, Riflemen, and militia.

There are also some 30 sutlers on site. Again, for those who are thinking about getting into the hobby but don’t know where to start—BE AT THIS EVENT. You can get great prices on equipment and uniforms that are often unavailable through online purchases. On top of that, you’ll find something that fits you. Ordering online means you have to wait weeks, sometimes months, for an item to be manufactured and shipped to you and then there is no guarantee that it will fit (maybe you mismeasured or something). But going to events and seeing this sutlers means you’ll find something that fits and there is zero waiting (except for the time it takes to yell, ‘Shut up and take my money!’)

There are two large areas set aside as battlefields (click to go to the map of the event)—a meadow for medium-sized skirmishes and a large field set aside for the main events. Over two days, three battles total (click to go to the schedule). Plus just walking around camps and interacting with all the different reenactors and seeing all the different units is always impressive. You don’t want to miss this.

If you live within an hour and a half of this event, and you don’t go, well…you know what? Just go. Nothing you’re doing is more important. And it is a great way to introduce kids to history! Bring the whole family!

From the website:

The event is free to the public however, there will be a $5.00 per car fee for parking to offset the costs.

Heritage Day in Easton (Sunday)

This holds a special place in my heart. Why? Because it is my home town. But also because it’s a jar of awesome. Easton celebrates every year the reading of the Declaration of Independence in the town square—a reenactment of the very event that occurred here on July 8, 1776. It was one of only a few places where the Declaration was read aloud.

It’s a fun day for the whole family, with events ranging from living history presentations, to parades, to a spectacular fireworks display in the evening. Click here for the full schedule of events.

I will also be walking around downtown telling interested spectators all about the history of Revolutionary Easton and Northampton County.  I also invite people to ask me all sorts of questions as I do know a great deal about the Revolution itself and how it relates to our town.  I’ll be easy to spot because I’ll be in Revolutionary War attire (dressed as a militiaman).

From the website:

Art & Music…

Over 20 fine artists and crafters, antique car show (horseless carriages) and live music all day (and well into the night) on 3 special stages.

For the Kids…

Clowns, magic, pirates, pony rides, games, Kids Construction Zone and more. Also, a special “Be the Bugler” event!


Heritage Day 2014 will feature an expanded selection of excellent beers throughout the entire day and evening! Enjoy four different beers from Easton’s own Weyerbacher Brewing Company, a selection of ‘Ales of the Revolution’  from Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia as well as beer from America’s Oldest Brewery, Yuengling! CHEERS!”

Food & Fireworks!

Enjoy plenty of amazing, local food and finish out the day’s festivities with an extra special fireworks display at 9:30pm on the riverfront.

I hope to see everyone that can make it at these events.  The weekend looks like it will end up being beautiful (especially Saturday–Sunday may see a scattered shower or two, but nothing to worry about).


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