Revolutionary War Manuscripts (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)

Today I was lucky enough to spend time going through manuscripts of Revolutionary War muster rolls and returns from 1776-1783 at the Easton Public Library. The rolls below are a combination of Flying Camp musters from Col. Kichline’s Battalion in July (specifically Arndt’s Company) and September of 1776 (officers and number of men), and returns of drafted militia of the 1st and 8th Class from 1778 to 1783.

We were able to examine the manuscripts (carefully) with gloves because the oils in our fingers would have disintegrated the very delicate paper.  It was unfortunate that some earlier collector used tape to seal the cracks in the paper (a very early restoration technique that was used decades ago).  One of the coolest things is to hold a piece of paper that was held by people hundreds of years ago.  It’s downright thrilling.  Quite a win for a Saturday afternoon.  Pictures below.  If you use these photos, please be sure to attribute them to both me and the Easton Library.




Special thanks to Barbara in the Marx Room for her assistance in finding these manuscripts.


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