Large Reenactment at Mount Harmon Plantation This Weekend!

Well, I’ve good news and great news.

First the great news!  So many of you already know, this weekend is the Continental Line event at Mount Harmon Plantation. It is by far the largest event of the year–even bigger than Wyoming Valley. Over 1,000 Revolutionary War reenactors and over 30 sutlers will be on hand at Mount Harmon–a beautiful, scenic setting with a Georgian manor that was built in 1730–and man it looks epic.

Their National Revolutionary War Reenactment Festival kicks off Saturday, October 25th, and goes until Sunday, October 26, between10am – 4pm. Full schedule is here.

Now the good news.  Like all great events, I am either reenacting in them or photographing them. Well, this time, I’ll be photographing the event. So large a turn out, I can’t help but watch and enjoy. But this time it is different because….I got a press pass!  Yep!  So here is to more exciting pictures and potentially better angles than I’ve gotten in the past!  It’s exciting, right?

So yes, stay tuned because on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, I will be posting up hundreds of photos of the event along with coverage.

See you there!


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