Sundry and Melancholy Accounts from Pennsylvania Newspapers

Really, I just really wanted to use ‘melancholy’ in a title of a blog post. It may be a little ironic that I find the word so pleasing to say and hear (it reminds me of eating a warm apple pie–I know, that’s weird; forget I brought it up).

Doing research for a forthcoming article on the Pennsylvania Flying Camp, I stumbled across a few interesting bits of news I thought I’d share (and to help break up some tension from the past ew days’ conversations). A guy can try…

First up, some of you might be wondering just how terrible the Pennsylvania militia actually were?  Well, since we didn’t really have any militia laws in the state prior to 1777, all the volunteers that came out to serve were pretty green–most had never held a gun (rates of gun ownership were very low in the colony–and would be low until a few decades after the war had ended). So, it is no surprise that this happened…


The Pennsylvania Packet (23 Oct 1775, Mon), Page 3.

Whoops! Good thing nobody was hurt.

And from this deserter report, we have this odd wording of an incident involving a woman and a man:


The Pennsylvania Gazette (9 Oct 1776, Wed), Page 1.

Yeah, what?  One has to wonder…how did she conceal him? Very odd wording; I suppose it is possible she hid him in a tent or something, but isn’t it more fun to imagine she shoved him under a pile of dirty laundry?  Or perhaps he crouched and hid under her skirt?  I dunno, but it makes you me wonder. 😉

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.


2 responses to “Sundry and Melancholy Accounts from Pennsylvania Newspapers

  1. You may like Stirling’s opinion of Peekskill, which he said was “one of the most melancholy duty holes I ever saw.” As a vet, I love that one.

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