Superman and Batman During the American Revolution!

I’m sure this would have changed the tide of the war! (h/t Bob Bendesky of the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment for the heads up).


Though I have questions… for example, why is Batman shirtless? Anyway, this is from The World’s Finest #187, which you can check out here. Incidentally, Bruce Wayne’s ancestor (see the tie-in to the blog?  *wink, wink*) is apparently Anthony Wayne (who has a side-kick named Bobby, of course–I mean, obvi).

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 10.00.09 AM

This isn’t the only comic book superhero crossover ever to bring in the American Revolution. Marvel did a thing a while back where Captain America’s ancestor (Captain Steven Rogers of the Continental Army) had a nice feature:
rogersNope, no resemblance whatsoever…



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