Recreating the Pennsylvania Flying Camp in 28mm

So here is something completely different from the usual here. A few months back I began getting back into model miniatures, which has given me the opportunity to have some fun with historical presentations. I plan to make several dioramas of key moments related to topics I’ve written about–for no real reason other than to have another hobby.

One thing I’ve been wanting to do is recreate a company of Colonel Kichline’s Northampton County Flying Camp battalion as they might have appeared at the Battle of Long Island. Granted, we don’t know exactly what they wore or what colors they might have carried. However it is believed they wore hunting frocks (most likely undyed linen) given that the Flying Camps were filled from Associator companies and these Associator companies generally had uniform frocks and often all the same color.

You can read more about this Flying Camp battalion here: The Spartans of Long Island

In the meantime, here’s my interpretation of the unit. Keep in mind these are all 28mm (just slightly over an inch high), all hand painted. I’m not a master modeler, not by any stretch (so go easy on me; still learning the craft), but I like how these turned out. They carry the Easton (capital of Northampton County) flag rumored to have been unveiled at the reading of the Declaration of Independence at Easton in July of 1776, though it is still up for debate if the flag was flown in 1776, or if it was originally from Easton at all. But it certainly marks them as unique. Also this company is incomplete (still needs a few more figures).

10394551_10206482754055999_1559489857478263125_n 10171835_10206482753775992_6639631852542578235_n 11188420_10206482753175977_8735060057814428146_n 11162452_10206482750695915_5243511073422727007_n 11167702_10206482748735866_614514752984181052_n 11092145_10206482748415858_6765455524499584071_n 11156113_10206482747975847_2499746768169275727_n IMG_9817

IMG_9953 IMG_9950 IMG_9951 IMG_9952


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