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Flag of Easton, Pennsylvania

A Little About Me:

This quiet little nook on the Interwebs Highway is dedicated to the 9 generations of my ancestors in the United States who built, persevered, and sacrificed; attributes which have helped shape this nation.

I’m a student at Columbia College, MO, majoring in History.  In my spare time (what little I have), I enjoy reading and writing about American history and working through my family tree (and it is work). Also, I am an associate editor of the Journal of the American Revolution, however this blog represents my own personal views and opinions (not those of the Journal). Read more about me in the ‘welcome’ post.

The musings on this blog are based upon my (albeit hobbyist) research and some academic training in the area–as well as any experience I have garnered from being a living history presenter and re-enactor (Rev War).  The subject of focus will be on Northampton County’s role in the founding of the country and subsequent engagements which brought about turmoil and hardships for the people of the region.  As part of my responsibility to the reader, I will support my claims with additional resources as much as possible (to which the reader is directed for further study).

Header Image 1: 1st Maryland at the Battle of Long Island; Battle of Long Island by Dominic D’Andrea.

Header Image 2-4: Photos Taken at Gettysburg 150th by Thomas Verenna.

Header Image 5:  Keith Rocco’s painting Gettysburg, depicting the fighting at Cemetery Hill.

Header Image Misc: Photos Taken at Brandywine 2014 by Thomas Verenna and Family.

Background: City Flag of Easton, PA (c. 1814?)

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